SportsEngine Registration: Saint Ignatius Wolfpack Hockey Club

2018 - 7th and 8th Grade Skate


Date: Sunday Nov 25, 2018

Time: 6:40pm

Location: MB - Ice Arena



CONSENT AND RELEASE: I consent to the Registrant’s participation in the Saint Ignatius Wolfpack Hockey Club ( Ignatius Hockey Club) program / 8th Grade Skate, having a general knowledge of the game of ice hockey and the rules and policies of the Ignatius Hockey Club program. I understand that hockey is a physically strenuous sport and I represent that the Registrant is in good physical condition. In consideration of the Registrant being permitted to participate, I release and agree to hold harmless the Ignatius Hockey Club Program, their respective officers, directors, employees, coaches/instructors, agents, volunteers and Saint Ignatius College Prep from any claims arising by reason of Registrant’s participation in the Ignatius Hockey Club Program / 7th and 8th Grade Skate.